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Detailed Review: SiteBuilder

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SiteBuilder.com are currently setting the standard for website building and are our #1 Site Builder by a long way. Their fluid interface, ultra easy-to-use builder and diverse plethora of professional yet exciting templates made our decision easy. With a Free Domain Name For Life, and 1000’s of free templates, SiteBuilder are a top class website builder which we highly recommend.

Value For Money

SiteBuilder offer a 100% free package which allows you to choose a free domain, a free template and use their editor for free. There’s no catch you really can create a website for free. They also offer some premium plans which give you a premium domain, email, advertising credits, marketing help and more. You can unlock a great set of SEO tools with premium to help your website appear higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The premium account is a measly $7.95. Which is an absolutely great price considering how much you get included free with this. Only WebsiteBuilder.com can match SiteBuilder’s value.


The editor is one of the best things about SiteBuilder. It is most certainly one of the best we’ve come across regarding ease-of-use, modeled on a drag and drop system, which is no doubt the system every editor should be based on. Beginners will feel spoilt for choice, and pros will feel supported. SiteBuilder’s editor is most certainly feature packed, but this does not compromise the editing environment in the slightest, you will find it to be clean and non-intrusive. We cannot speak high enough volumes towards the editor, you’ll just have to check it out yourself to understand the praise!


SiteBuilder.com offer 1000+ templates, all of which are professional and tailored to different business sectors and types of consumers. Despite the insane amount of templates, the design has not suffered. Unlike other service’s templates, they are not plagued with ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text, instead the text space offers nice tips and tricks which is really refreshing.

Additional Features

SiteBuilder has fantastic SEO options, with an option to tweak SEO and also a fully fledged SEO eBook which goes into great detail about helping improve your search engine presence, which is where the majority of traffic usually comes from. A very nice inclusion is the email account platform and assist. These cool features are very important for making an online store successful and professional.

Guides & Customer Service

Even if you don’t pay for priority support, the help made available by the team at SiteBuilder is superfluous. They have a dedicated phone line and also a nice searchable knowledge base.