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Detailed Review: iPage

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Overall we were extremely impressed with what iPage had to offer, especially at the price it was offered. The website building service is offered free with a paid, custom domain, which cuts out any iPage branding from your site, making your site look more professional and is extremely rare for a basic account. The hosting service and website building compliment each other very well, and delivered a much more wholesome website experience, which cannot be said for many other services.

Value For Money

We rate iPage’s value for money very highly, as the service is essentially an addon to a custom domain order, which if bought elsewhere would be vastly more expensive. The exact same service when bought via Weebly would cost upwards of $70/year, but only costs around $23/year with iPage. We rated Weebly’s service very highly, meaning that iPage, which offers the same service, is even better value for money.


We really liked the editor that Weebly provides, the editing process was very simple yet packed with features. The design of the editing space is very non-intrusive and the fact that you can view your site in a mobile view, helping you to optimize your site on this platform. This is extremely important, as most mobile users who cannot easily navigate a site will not return.


There are around 200 different templates supplied by Weebly, all of which are available in a selection of colours. This is great for a user who has no prerequisite as to how they want their website to look, with a lot of good looking, possible head starts. However the user who needs a website looking exactly how they would like, they will have their work cut out for them. We must say that all of the templates are modern and can fit many different uses, but they are of no match to other services who offer up to 10,000 similar quality templates.

Additional Features

In terms of editor features, it is the exact same as Weebly: everything you would need and a bit more. From Youtube vids to direct Bookings which can be dragged and dropped right onto the page, this editor was packed with good features. Outside of the editor we really liked the ‘check stats’ feature available with every website made on the site, free or not, which would save a serious user a lot of time otherwise spent setting up Google Analytics or similar.

Guides & Customer Service

Although there is no support available from within the editor itself, there is plenty of help provided externally. On iPage’s own support page the user can find extensive FAQs, a knowledge base, user guides and also a support system, which is more than required for the service. The iPage community is large but most forums are dedicated to the website hosting side of the service.